Why Not Auckland!

This is the first time I’ve re blogged a post, and it is perhaps rather conceited as Team Fun are mentioned in glowing terms! This is the “man” who spent some time with us and inspired last weeks blog. Please read it and give him some support. He really is an excellent writer!

Fof's Off

So you’re thinking of moving your family to Auckland? A smart choice, my friend, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. You’re in safe hands: I have over twelve days of experience living in this fine city.

So where to start? You realise Auckland’s in New Zealand, right? It takes a while to get here. Most European travellers end up in transit for over 24 hours, often with multiple delightful stopovers. You think Australia’s far away? It’s another 1000 miles from Australia to New Zealand.

Auckland’s in the north of the North Island, nestled in bays and almost surrounded with water, with a hot, sub-tropical climate in the Summer, and a Spring climate that mostly resembles Scotland in the rain (i.e. Scotland). The population’s almost 1.5 million – about a third of New Zealand – so it’s by far the country’s largest city, although Wellington’s the…

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