Cheering the world up, one pair of googly eyes at a time!

I can remember reading an article written by someone who had been suffering with depression. They said that there had been occasions when they had felt incredibly low. In those moments though, someone had stopped to say hello to them, and for that fleeting moment, given them a tiny boost, enough to continue with their day. Since reading that, I have always made it my practice to say “Hello” and “how are you?”, to everyone I meet. It costs me only a fraction of a second, and maybe completely meaningless to the vast majority of people I encounter, and quite invasive to others. But to perhaps one or two people, it may give them the lift they require in that instant. It is also an invitation for people to talk to me. Unfortunately, I seem to have developed a knack of drawing some really unusual people into conversation, people who many I am sure would seek to avoid. But they are people too, and they do need to hear kind words every now and again (especially as they are quite likely fobbed off by the vast majority of folk).

At times the world can be a very bleak place indeed. If you watch the evening news, very little of it is good, and a sizeable portion of it, if you were to sit and carefully think about it, is truly ghastly.

I think though, that I might have found an opportunity to bring a moments of unexpected levity to ours (and hopefully others) daily lives. You see Fraboo and I have taken up a new hobby. We operate under the cover of near darkness, commiting acts of covert (and not so covert) action. We are the Guerilla Googlers.

Let me explain. About a year ago, I came across a photograph of a film poster which someone artfully defaced by sticking a pair of googly eyes onto. The result was somewhat creepy, but absolutely hilarious. Over the coming weeks and months, I saw more photographs, of objects which had had similar eyes added to them; letter boxes, rubbish bins, taps, and door handles. I had discovered the art of eye bombing and I decided that this was something I wanted to have a go at. So one Saturday afternoon, while Mrs L. and the two boys were asleep, Fraboo and I went to get our supplies. In retrospect, the ninja outfits were probably a little overkill, but I’m sure that we can find a use for them. In any case we spent very little and ended up with a number of different sized eyes.

On the way home from the shops, Fraboo and I decided that we needed to set in place a strict set of rules, a googler’s guidelines if you will. In fact we only got as far as creating one rule, no eye bombing on private property, but by that time we had arrived home and both of us were eager to get up to some harmless mischief.

Before I go any further I had better explain that eye bombing falls into two distinct camps. First there are the eye bombing purists who say that you can’t add googly eyes to something which already has eyes of its own (a photograph of a person or animal for instance). Then there are those who think that anything is fair game. Fraboo and I’s mission, is really just to cheer up the more observant amongst us, and we are of the opinion that so long as we aren’t damaging anything, and more particularly not damaging people’s property, it’s acceptable, and so we neatly fall into the second category.

In actual fact, there is a third category, inhabited by Fraboo, and maybe any other young children who engage in this activity. These eye bombers believe that it is acceptable to put eyes onto absolutely anything. I have found googly eyes everywhere from the back seat of the car, to the inside of my clean underwear (thank goodness those eyes can’t actually see).

The normally staid Mrs L. has surprised us all by adding eyes to most of the door knobs around the house, and a couple of the photographs we have scattered around the house. In fact it has taken me days to notice some of these additions, but when I do eventually see her handiwork, I can’t help but laugh.

And in a roundabout way this brings me back to the beginning of this post. I hope that someone in need of a good laugh will come across one of our offerings and that it will bring at least a small smile to their face and even if it doesn’t, I would hope that we bring a perhaps little laughter to someone else’s day. In the meantime Team Fun (especially the parents) are having a great deal of, well, fun trying to bring a little happiness to people’s lives.

One thought on “Cheering the world up, one pair of googly eyes at a time!

  1. I love your articles. Would love to see the eyes. I would say hi back or give a smile too. I love to say hi too.Thanks for your messages.

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